Freshness, from farm to fork

FRESHdirect was set up in 1999 by a team of young, impassioned entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing the absolute freshest ingredients to commercial kitchens all over the country. We have since grown from a small enterprise to a reliable brand name supplying to restaurants, cafes as well as large scale hotels and supermarkets. In a highly competitive marketplace, we believe that our success is based on the following principles:

Supply Chain Management

Our business guarantees that only the freshest and finest products arrive at your kitchen. Farm audits are regularly conducted to ensure that best agricultural practices are adhered to and that here are no compromises in quality.

Product Inspection and Traceability

Produce is routinely inspected to identity and discard poor quality produce. All items are fully traceable in the event of complaints.

Optimum Storage and Delivery Conditions

We have invested in the best cold room technology and our fleet of delivery trucks are fully equipped to ensure that every item arrives at your chopping boards as fresh as it was the day it was harvested from the fields.


Our entire team are fully accountable and follow comprehensive written procedures to ensure consistence and superior customer service. All relationships with our customers are honest and transparent and we always aim to meet and exceed expectations.

Over the years, this commitment to excellence has seen the company grow steadily. Our product range now includes over 200 varieties of fruit and vegetables sourced directly from premium farms all across the globe. We have also recently added a new seedling to the company, KITCHENOMICS that is dedicated to serving customers in preparing fresh cuts and quality soups to fine establishments. We are also HACCP and ISO 22000 certified.