Beans & Sprouts

Seasonal, Artisan & Indent Items

• Fresh Fava Beans
• Fresh Borlotti Beans (Fagioli Borlotti Freschi)
• Cicerchia

Sprouts should always be kept refrigerated and can be perked up by submerging in an ice water bath. Beans in pods can be kept up to a week in the chiller.

Shelled beans should be refrigerated in a single layer under loose plastic wrap for up to 3 days.

The fabulous fava bean is especially adored and can be savoured all by itself or with only the finest ingredients. Never boil fresh beans for more than a minute or they may turn mushy.

• Alfalfa Sprouts
• Beansprouts, Large / Special / Tailless
• French Beans
• Haricot Fine Beans (Kenya)
• Long Beans
• Onion Sprouts (Australia)
• Snow Peas (China)
• Snow Pea Sprouts
• Sweet Peas (China)