Seasonal, Artisan & Indent Items

• Baby Leeks
• Shallots, Banana / European
• Thorny Artichokes
• Garlic, Pink / Purple
• Pearl Onions, White / Golden
• Onion, Cipolinni Yellow / Red
• Red Onion (Cipolle Rosse Sfuse)
• Tropea Sweet Red Onion (Cipolle Rosse Tropea Treccia)

Bulbs should be firm without soft spots. Onions should be kept dry and unwashed in a loose container (not a plastic bag) in a cool, dark place for up to 2 months. Sweet onions can be similarly stored for up to 1 month. Spring onions should be refrigerated, kept dry in a plastic bag and chilled for up to 7 days. Artichokes should be kept chilled, unwashed and untrimmed in a sealed plastic bag for up to 1 week; a good test of freshness is to press the leaves together and listen for a slight “squeak”.
• Artichokes, Baby / Globe / Jerusalem (France)
• Fennel
• Garlic, Whole / Unpeeled / Peeled / Minced
• Ginger, Yellow / Young / Old
• Ginger, Galangal / Thai (Thailand)
• Leek, Local / Flower
• Leek, Australian
• Leek, Shironeji (Japan)
• Onion, Red Bombay / Yellow
• Onion, Purple Spanish / White (USA)
• Shallots, Peeled / Unpeeled
• Spring Onion