Miniature Vegetables

Seasonal, Artisan & Indent Items

• Round Carrot with Leaves
• Leek
• Kohlrabi, Green / Purple
• Zucchini

Deliciously sweet and eye-catching, miniature vegetables are mild tasting and present beautifully.

Baby carrots should not be peeled, but gently scrubbed and served whole.

All baby vegetables should be kept refrigerated in a plastic bag to prevent moisture loss.

Baby cauliflowers should be stored in a perforated plastic bag.

They should be used within a few days to retain optimum flavour and texture.

• Beetroot
• Cabbage, Red / White / Savoy
• Cauliflower
• Capsicum, Red / Yellow
• Fennel
• Patty Pans, Green / Yellow
• Purple Eggplant
• Turnips