Seasonal, Artisan & Indent Items

• Mini Portobello
• Swiss Brown (Cremini)
• Willow • Morel
• Truffle, Black / White
• Chanterelles
• Girolles from Sologne
• Fresh Porcini (Boletus Edulis)
• Fresh Finferli (Cantharellus Cibarius)
• White Honshimeiji
• King Oyster
• Blue foot mushroom

All varieties of mushrooms, with the exception of enoki, oyster and honshimeji, should be firm to the touch. They should ideally be stored in a single layer protected with a damp paper towel and have plenty of cool air circulating. Avoid sealing in plastic or packaging for long durations.

Because most mushrooms are 90% water, avoid submerging or washing as they will become soggy. Wild mushrooms are at their best during their seasonal times; morels in the spring, chanterelles in mid-summer, and porcini in the fall.

Talk to us about helping you source for highly-prized black and white truffles during high seasons!

• Abalone
• White Button
• Enoki, White / Golden
• Honshimeji
• Oyster, Standard / Yellow / Grey / Pink
• Portobello
• Shitake