Seasonal, Artisan & Indent Items

• Tamarillo
• Tomatoes, Yellow & Orange on Vine
• Brown Kumato
• Tomato, Lemon / Peach / Yellow / Pink
• Tomato, Green Zebra
• Tomato, Heirloom
• Tomato, Momotaro
• Tomato, Green / Red Salad (Pomodoro Insalata)
• Tomato, Baby Roma on Vine (Pomodoro Datterino)
• Tomatoes on Vine Plum Red (Roma)
• Tomato, Ox Heart-Coeur de Boeuf
• Tomato, Red / Yellow Teardrop

The famous question “The tomato: is it a fruit, or is it a vegetable?” found its way into the United States Supreme Court in 1893.

The court ruled unanimously that a tomato is identified as, and thus taxed as, a vegetable.

The court did acknowledge however that botanically speaking, a tomato is a fruit. As tomatoes continue to ripen after being picked, they should be stored at room temperature until they have softened and sweetened as much as it can.

• Tomato, Standard / Beef
• Tomato, Red & Yellow Cherry / Virgin (Honey)
• Tomato on the Vine, Standard / Red Cherry / Pearl